About Dingda

Think globally & Act locally

We are hoping to work together to change the industry in Taiwan. We don’t cut prices neither compete with low prices, we enhance our service quality to win every client.

Through【How Google Works】, we  learn how to be a smart executor!

Study【 CHAIRWOMAN】, we use the right attitude on the job!

【 Quotes of Terry Guo】 encourages us to be a better person!


Our services

“Plan the sale when you plan the ad.” - Leo Burnett, the advertising pioneer

We find out the real reason of the problems you have encountered, providing integrated services that allow you to focus on your business.

Brand analysis

Analyze brand awareness and products condition

Website analysis

Suggestions for websites optimization

Strategy suggestion

Customize exclusive marketing strategy

Discuss amendments

Discuss together and head to the positive direction

Social marketing

Make good interactions with potential customers

SEO optimization

The basic element that affects marketing effectiveness

Media optimization

Well optimal allocation brings return on investment

Goal achievements

Continue to monitor the ads according to the sales


Using effective tools to expand your business

Think thoroughly, give suggestions of integrated marketing strategy

Display Network, focusing on the right group of people.

Search Network, making the highest conversion rate

Mobile ads, which consumers may interact with you at any time.

YouTube video ads, has already beyond the television ratings.

Social marketing, most essential tool for E-commerce companies.

Usage of smartphone in Taiwan

No brand preference when searching for their needs

In-store searching for information of products

Buying products from the brands that are not usually considered after browsing information on mobile.


Consumer decision journey

What is the key point that influences the ultimate purchase decision?

We must think carefully about all the channel, understanding the shoppers' intent and their context, then communicate with them through different step in order to get more opportunities for up sell and cross sell.

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Search
  • Action
  • Share


Our operating experiences

The success of the past does not mean that will happen on your company too. Advertising must have succeed, and failure as well. We should make different marketing plan depends on the current situation in your industry.


Our important partners


Witnesses of our clients

Why do customers work with us for so long?

Dingda is a reliable marketing company, the best choice to work together.

細心的著想 以客戶為出發點的服務

“A trustworthy and responsible good partners.”

細心的著想 以客戶為出發點的服務


CEO of Greatliving


“Explain patiently, plan carefully, always show better results.”


David Lin


速度快速 賣力後援

“Providing well suggestion for the sake of our revenue.”

速度快速 賣力後援

Gilbert Pon


Now take the first step towards success with Dingda,

who has the certification of Google Premier Partner !

Google Premier Partner badge shows that specific Partners have passed Google certification exams and are up to date with the latest product knowledge.

Can’t wait to change Taiwan with us?

Please understand before calling: charging service fee is in necessary. Let Dingda’s high-quality team to concentrate on doing things perfect, and you will have a good backup to help you make a great marketing.