Service philosophy

Do not make money evilly, service must be value.

To help SMEs create value through digital media and analytical tools.

Our Mission

  • Analysis of the most basic brand and product advantages Expand the creative elements, accompanied by advertisers to maximize advertising investment compensation. To become a good partner for the sustainable growth of small and medium enterprises in Taiwan.

Our culture

Lifelong learning, constant pursuit

Enjoy working, enjoy the results, reflexively self-examination, ask yourself, do things with diligence, not opportunistic, treat people with sincerity

 Dingda Introduction

Experienced shopping sites, the media, digital marketing, advertising company has accumulated a wealth of brand and customer service experience.All the way to see many of Taiwan’s brand from a very young start, grow and grow very strong, their success is due to

Pay attention on marketing

External marketing and internal marketing

Advertising is responsible for diversion into the site, the ads attract people to enter the brand website, but after entering the site with the brand positioning, user browsing friendly, product description and description, the shopping process is smooth (it is very important )

Focus on big data

Media data and website data

Analysis of the effectiveness of the ads into the site after the bounce rate, the number of pages to browse, stay time and whether to do the next move, continue to improve for all aspects of all processes

Respect customers

Not exploit Partner

To the cooperation of the service providers have the cost, so that manufacturers have a high-quality team to concentrate on things to be perfect

Innovative mentality


Willing to accept new concept and different ideas, and thinking about how to make progress together

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